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As an expert in the anatomy of the creatures that he observed with meticulous care and tirelessly reproduced, he was able to sketch out their silhouette in a few lines, very expressively reproducing their physiognomy, their poses and even their humblest postures.Adrian, a journalist specializing in the circus during the 1960s and a great admirer of his work, reported that his drawings’ resemblance to their models was such that tamers were able to recognize their own beasts.He passed them along to Bostock, who gushed over the drawings and decided not to make them into postcards, but rather into posters.Leaving the lace industry, Gustave Soury dove head first into the world of menageries and circuses, working in turn as a cashier for tamer Mac Donald, administrator of Professor Maladolli’s Caucasian Circus and as assistant to Henry Thétard, educational walking tour guide at the Vincennes Zoo.

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In fact, Gustave Soury produced posters for most of the major circuses and menageries and for shows by the most famous lion tamers of the times, of which we mostly have the drafts and works in progress.Gustave Soury made a first donation to the museum (then the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions) of preparatory sketches for menagerie posters.Upon his death, his archives were also bequeathed to the museum: more than 10,000 photographs and postcards, that he had organized in 31 thematic albums on funfairs and circuses, more than 600 small posters for shows performed between 18, all of his sketchbooks, the reproductions and preparatory work for the pieces he created for the menageries, circuses and other kennels that employed him.century: romantic painters like Delacroix and Géricault devoted special attention to lions, those symbols of freedom and wild nature that the conquest of Algeria had brought back to the forefront.

Jean-Léon Gérôme also – albeit in a more academic style – often gave a crucial role to big cats in his dramatic scenes of the Orient or inspired by the Roman Circus Games.In particular, there are images of panthers and tigers for which he had only just begun to draw the complex patterns of the big cats’ pelts.

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